| Why become a member of the association ?

The commemorations with B.O.W.U International gather every year, several bands, soloist musicians and volunteers from many countries. We are willing to offer events based on sharing common values : the duty of remembrance and transmission of History.

Memberships help cover the current expenses of logistics such as catering, accommodation, communication, various expenses, etc…

Patrons receive a D-DAY badge with the year that they have participated in the commemorations. All members are offered organised meals at  preferential rates and the commando's dinner only accessible to them, as well as free accommodation in a gymnasium (you must bring your own bedding/sleeping bag) and access to the members area to find all the information you will need about the association, such as compositions, roadmaps, etc…

The member Pipe Bands are showcased on both our websites in French and English as well as on our social networks.

It is first and foremost a family, and an atmosphere. Pipers have been gathering around D-DAY commemorations for over a decade.

You aren't a musician and you would like to join us ? You are most welcome to ! Join the team and help us with the organisation of our events.

Membership for 2024 is now closed.

To join the association, see you in July 2024.

If you would like to support our association, please visit our donations page.

To become a member of our association, choose one of our membership applications that suits you the most.

There are four classes of contribution :

  • Individual : 15,00€ / year
  • Couple : 25,00€ / year
  • Family : 35,00€ / year
  • Group : 50,00€ / year