"You live on what you get. You build your life on what you give".

Winston Churchill
1874 - 1965

| Why should you donate ?

Commemorations organisation within B.O.W.U International gathers every year, musicians from around the World.

This great gathering happens around a set of common values : the duty of remembrance & History transmission. A special moment so we never forget.

Your donations allow our association to keep the flame of remembrance alive by helping our members and musicians to gather. They all volunteer and travel with their personal resources, to notably commemorate those who fought for our freedom almost 80 years ago.

Our association’s main goal is to organise their stay and ensure the smooth conduct of the events : accommodation, catering, logistics, communication, security, wreath-laying of tombstones and memorials, marches and ceremonies in conjunction with official bodies, receptions in support of veterans…

As time goes by, the last veterans will only remain eternal in our thoughts. It is now our duty to carry on the remembrance and the memory for the future generations.

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